Powered Operated Puncher: POP

POP is the new handheld puncher developped by ALCI. POP allows you to do your plant sampling campaigns, in a more confortable and secured way, with an user friendly and ergonomic tool.

POP: Features and Advantages

POP uses the following technologies:
  • A simple human-machine interface to manage simple or multiple punches and cleaning,
  • The puncher part of the SAS product (Patented).
POP can be used:
  • In field,
  • In greenhouse.
Functional Advantages & Remarkable skills:
POP allows you to do single or multiple punches
  • POP is ergonomic.

  • POP is lightweight (250g).

  • POP is robust.

  • POP is easy to clean.

  • POP has 12 hours autonomy.

  • POP standarizes foliar material (volume) before your genotyping process. The quantity of foliar material becomes a standard as the samples are highly accurate.

Safe and simple use

  • 0% of risk on injuring operators or machine degradation as POP is CE certified.
  • POP is easily parametrized with his screen,
  • There is 0% need to adapt, POP is userfriendly.

Economic advantages

  • POP can work 12h/day,
  • POP doesn't cause health issues to your operators.